Business areas

Diversifying our services while delivering consistent quality is a vital part of Assist24 Group’s business philosophy. That is why our focus is on offering solutions to a broad range of customers in an array of different sectors, without ever compromising on quality or customer satisfaction.

Helping end consumer

End consumers

Assist24 Group’s experience of helping hundreds of thousands of customers across Europe uniquely positions us to cater to the needs of end consumers stranded on the roads. Offering both insurance and roadside assistance allows us to ensure high quality across the entire customer journey. With a track record of successfully resolving countless roadside situations, we take pride in our ability to handle each case with expertise and empathy. Our focus on customer satisfaction drives us to go the extra mile, ensuring that every individual in distress receives the best possible support, making us a trusted partner in times of need.

Public sector

During the last two years, Assist24 Group has made a significant impact in the public sector, winning procurements for a number of public authorities and municipalities. We currently offer services within towing, transport, impound and vehicle storage. Our work is an important cornerstone to maintaining safe and efficient public spaces.

Public environment
Car with insurance


As well as offering in-house insurance, Assist24 Group also partners with external insurance providers to offer roadside assistance to insurance customers. In these collaborations, our goal is to ensure a seamless and comprehensive range of services for our customers. By forging strategic partnerships with external insurance providers, we enhance the accessibility and reach of our top-notch roadside assistance solutions.

Private sector / Business to business

Assist24 Group offer solutions for a number of different businesses and industries. Whether your company requires vehicle movement through towing or transportation, Assist24 Group has the expertise to fulfil those needs efficiently and reliably.

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Auto repair shop

Auto repair shops

Assist24 Group collaborates with numerous clients in the auto repair industry. If your vehicle service establishment provides roadside assistance insurance to clients, consider us as a partner to seamlessly deliver comprehensive roadside assistance services.

Impound services

Assist24 Group provides comprehensive impound solutions with nationwide facilities offering secure vehicle storage both indoors and outdoors. Our emphasis on security ensures the safekeeping of vehicles entrusted to our care.

Impound garage