What we offer

Assist24 Group offer three main services: roadside assistance operations network, an all-in-one software solution for roadside assistance, and roadside assistance insurance.

Rescue operations network

Road assistance vehicles

Towing and assistance network

Towing and roadside assistance is a critical cornerstone of Assist24 Group’s services. We understand the critical importance of providing swift and skilled assistance to those in need. Our skilled team comprehends that effective assistance doesn´t always entail towing a vehicle; armed with expertise in auto repair, we strive to assess and resolve issues on the spot. Knowledge through experience allows us to streamline our processes, for example by sending vehicles such as first responder motorcycles or ATVs depending on the scope of the mission. Aside from traditional roadside assistance and towing, our rescue network is also skilled in vehicle transportation, vehicle impound, and vehicle storage.

Rescue center

We love digital processes, but at the end of the day it is the human connection that leave customers with a positive or negative experience. Our rescue centre handles all incoming calls, insurance related as well as roadside assistance calls. Our philosophy is to digitise the customer call process, giving rescue center personnel digital tools to streamline the mission handling process. This allows our skilled staff to focus on the human-to-human customer experience, ensuring endurance of our high customer satisfaction.

Woman in rescue center

Roadside assistance software

Our digital platform is what makes us unique. We have developed our own all-in-one software, tailored to the real-life demands of the roadside assistance day-to-day operations. Our platform is designed to simplify the experience for everyone involved in a breakdown, with features such as quick and efficient help for customers, automatic route planning, turn-by-turn navigation, claims handling, payment processing, vehicle tracking, dispatching, and more.

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Roadside assistance insurance

Offering the security of a roadside assistance insurance is at the heart of our business. Assist24 Group is currently providing insurance services to nearly 350 000 customers across the Nordic region.

Our goal is to supply a modern, effortless and customer-oriented product at a competitive price point.

Providing both insurance and rescue operations is an important part of ensuring control of the entire customer journey, making sure our client’s sense consistency of quality in all our services.